Government of Uttar Pradesh

Technology Transfer

Technology Transfer and Development for the state

Under this head, project proposals like research and development, pilot studies, prototype development, display, demonstration and training of developed technologies are considered with overall aim to develop indigenous technology and transfer of proven technologies to users. Projects /Programs in thrust areas relevant to state are accepted for consideration Engineering colleges/Institutions, Technical Universities & R&D laboratories etc. located in U.P.

To support research and development projects in various disciplines of Engineering and Technology

Financial aid is given to R&D projects in various disciplines of Engineering and Technology such as civil engineering, electrical engineering, electronics engineering, computer engineering, mechanical engineering, information technology, chemical technology, plastic technology, oil and paint technology, paper technology, food technology, etc. Technology Enforcement in major areas like Alternative Energy Source, Energy Conservation, Development Technology especially Low Cost Building material ,  Pollution Resistant Technology, Solid waste management, Rural technology, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Green energy, Renewable energy and Promotion of Befitting technologies.

Development & Transfer of need based technologies

  • Technology development work is being done in various Institutions & Laboratories. Technology developed by Institutions & labs do not reach to public. Council contacts these technical institutes, get demonstrated available technologies to end user or Industry. User feedback is given back to institutes/labs for making these technologies usable in field.
  • Field problems are also intimated to Institutes & Labs so that need based technologies/ Instruments may be developed by them.