Objectives of the Department 

1.Encouragement of primarily applied research at the Universities or other institutions by suggesting problems to them and considering suggestions from them.

2.Maintenance of liasion with the Department of Science & Technology, New Delhi; council of Scientific and Industrial Research, New Delhi; National Research Development Cooperation, New Delhi; Universities; Technical Institutions and the various National Laboratories with a view to coordinating with the Universities and Institutions in other States and/or other agencies for the execution of the applied research.

3.Arrangement and financial support for applied research pertaining to Agriculture, Rural Development, Technology and Industries, etc., as may be set to it.

4.Submission of advice to the State Government in various department relating to the general promotion of scientific research and applied research and technology.

5.Consideration of ways and means of utilizing developed technologies and the results of applied research conducted for the development of resources of the State and make recommendations to Government in this behalf.

6.Inspection of universities and/or technical institutions where suitable facilities may exist in the State when necessary, for ascertaining the facilities they offer for carrying out specific research to their needs in respect of the development of scientist and industrial research.

7.Maintenance of upto-date records generally of the progress of scientific research in the country and in particular in the State.

8.Framing of rules, regulations and bye-laws of the State Council and adopt forms for applications for research projects (on the lines of the C.S.I.R., New Delhi) with the prior approval of the State Government

9.Conduct of applied researches in any problem which may be set to it by the Private firms or individual provided the entire cost thereon plus incidental charges as may be considered necessary by the Council is paid by the party concerned .The result of such investigations shall be conveyed to the party concerned.

10.Establishment of regional or state laboratories as well as Pilot Plants for conducting research on the utilization of raw materials whereby new industries in the State could be established or develop.

11.Conduct of such other work as may promote the cause relating to Science and Technology with the prior approval of the State Government and ensuring its compliance.

12.Observation and close supervision of the research projects undertaken and to ensure proper utilization of fund.

13.Preparation and publication of the annual report on the researches carried out.

14.Formulation of Science and Technology policy to ensure that basic needs of the people are met by efficient and judicious use of the national resources ensuring full employment, technological and economic and self-reliance in strategic sectors of the national economy and submit recommendations to the State Government for implementation.

15.Any specific work entrusted by the State Government relating to the Science and Technology and ensuring its full implementation.

16.Conduct of seminars and symposia relating to Science and Technology in the State.

17.Establishing the Centre was to use the emerging technology of aerial and satellite remote sensing in conjunction with conventional methodologies in different natural resources management programmes. This Centre was also aimed to act as an interface between the high technology of remote sensing and the actual end user, these centre perform various activities:

  • To undertake, promote, guide, coordinate and aid research and development in the field of remote sensing.
  • To provide consultancy services and arrange airborne survey facilities to user agencies on actual costs basis.
  • To carry out surveys for monitoring and assessment of the entire gamut of natural resources using remote sensing techniques.
  • To carry out special temporal surveys to monitor changing land-use patterns, environmental changes, irrigation systems, forest resources, and crop disease surveillance.
  • To develop efficient data acquisition and retrieval system and to act as repository of various natural resources data. To act as a nodal organisation in the State advising the user agencies and disseminate the remote sensing technology at operational levels.
  • To provide research and development support to the teaching and research organisations of the State in specified areas of remote sensing technology.
  • To carry out field investigations connected with the activities of remote sensing remote sensing technology and its applications.
  • To cooperate and collaborate with other national and international organisations in the field of remote sensing and disciplines