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The state has a special significance in the evolution of science and technology. The prevention of fundamental problems such as state population, unemployment, health, environment, energy etc. is science and technology. Wide publicity of science in the state, the popularization, research work in the field of science and technology are the main functions of the department. For various activities in the field of science the Department has established Science and Technology Council, U.P. and Remote Sensing Application Centre, Lucknow. Biotechnology development and its infrastructural development are in focus by the government. The government has introduced ,“Uttar Pradesh Bio technology Policy 2004”, under which certain discounts are given for industrial investment and job creation alongwith an increase in wide framework in the state. A biotech park has been established by collaboration of Science and Technology Department and the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India. The department has set up a planetarium in Lucknow and Gorakhpur and a planetarium is being establish in Rampur.